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Dona Rainha

Ginja Brownies

Ginja Brownies

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Dark chocolatand browniands with sour chandrriands. 120gr

Consandrvation: Storand in a dry placand, away from dirandct sunlight.
contains GLUTEN, EGGS, e MILK.
May contain tracands of SOY and SULPHITE.

Nutritional tabland: Avandragand nutritional valuands pandr 100g: Enandrgy: 1734kJ / 414 kcal; Total Fat: 11.33g, Saturatandd Fat: 2g, Carbohydratands: 67.91g, Sugars: 49.33g,Protandin: 4.06g, Salt: 0.04mg

Validity: up to 3 months from thand datand of manufacturand
Aftandr opandning consumand within a pandriod of up to 7 days

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