Payment and Security

1. Payments

For your convenience and safety, the Chocoliquer, Unipessoal, Ld.ª partnered with leading companies in 100% secure payment methods.

our current partners they are:

You can consult more information about these companies on their institutional websites. To do so, just click on the partners mentioned above.

You can pay for your purchases using different methods:

  • ATM reference
    To pay by Multibanco Reference, just go to a device, select “Payments and Other Services” > “Payment of Services” and then enter the Entity, Reference and Amount.

    You can make the payment within 24 hours. We advise you to keep the receipt, as it serves as proof of payment.
    Entities have the designation Ifthenpay.

  • Credit card

    To pay with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) you must have the 3D-Secure service activated.
    The 3D-Secure service guarantees increased security for online payments.
    The same works with the introduction of a single-use numeric code (one code per purchase) sent by SMS to the cardholder's mobile phone.
    The partner company responsible for this service is Stripe.

  • MB WAY

    To pay with MB WAY, enter your mobile phone number and confirm the payment in the app.
    To find out more about this payment method, click here .

  • Bank transfer
    To make the payment by bank transfer, you will have to select this option when completing your purchase.
    It is mandatory to send proof of the bank transfer to the company's email ( for the order to be considered as paid.

2. Order cancellations

Chocolicor, Ld. may cancel the order of a product in one of the following situations:

  • Product unavailability.
  • Lack of payment by the customer for the order placed, with Multibanco references having a validity of 5 working days.
  • Wrong price due to manual or computer error.

  • Refunds will be made via bank transfer.

3. Security

ACEPI - Digital Economy Association - recommends:
Make sure that the site is properly identified, namely with the company name, address and tax number, in addition to presenting an email and a contact telephone number.
Do not make purchases if the site only displays one of the above options.
Our data is available here andhere .