Refund policy

The conditions stipulated in this document are only applicable to purchases made at

After receiving your order, you can communicate your intention to return it within 15 days. Your intention can be communicated via email Your intention may also be communicated by sending the free resolution template., but this is not mandatory.
If you make use of this possibility, Chocolicor, Lda. will send, within 24 (twenty-four) hours, an acknowledgment of receipt of the declaration of resolution on a durable medium (for example, by email).

In addition to the Customer's right to return the order, within 15 days of receipt, the products will, in case of damage, be promptly replaced by Chocolicor, Lda. If there is any production/packaging error, responsibility of Chocolicor, Lda., the product can be replaced/returned. In the case of personalized products, Chocolicor, Lda. reserves the right to analyze each case and to accept, or not, the return.

Refunds for payments made by the Customer will be made through the same payment method used in the initial transaction. Alternatively, the Customer may expressly indicate that he/she wants the refund to be made through another means, which will not incur any costs for him/her. In particular, and with a view to speeding up the refund process, the Customer may indicate the bank account details (IBAN and respective holder) to which the refund is intended.

If the return occurs due to an error in processing, the responsibility will be assumed by Chocolicor, Lda., and the order will be collected, supported by the company itself. The collection takes place at a place and date to be agreed - the time being determined by the carrier itself.
In case the return is due to a reason not related to Chocolicor, Lda., the customer must bear the reshipment, through a carrier. For more information on how to make a return, please contact us at the email
In both cases, the order must be properly sealed so that it can be handled by the carrier responsible for the return.

When any product marketed by Chocolicor, Lda. is damaged and the customer intends to claim for this reason, he must send a photograph as proof, as well as keep the aforementioned damaged product(s) to proceed with the return. In the event that the damaged products are not returned, the new exchange product will not be sent.

When it comes to chocolate cups, or chocolate bonbons, Chocolicor, Lda. does not exchange them in case of shipment to addresses outside mainland Portugal.

Chocolicor, Lda., in the event of a damaged product, will only send it back for its replacement.

Chocolicor Ltd. guarantees the utmost care and safety in the preparation of all orders and, for this reason, is not responsible for damages arising from the transport of the products.

In case of cancellation at the customer's option, without any fault attributable to the seller, the following rules apply:

1 - The customer can cancel the order by receiving the full amount if canceled within one hour after paying for the order;
2 - After this period, the customer will have to pay shipping costs, even if the value of the order has the value of shipping included in the purchase price;
3 - If the customer decides that he no longer wants the order when it is already in his possession, without any damage to it or a delay of more than 2 days in delivery, he is responsible for paying the return and shipping costs. of the same. In this case, you will be refunded the total amount you paid, minus the value of shipping and return costs.
For more information on the consumer's right of free termination, please consult the provisions of Decree-Law No. 24/2014, of 14 February.