Legend has it that, in 1484, during a trip from Óbidos to Batalha , Queen D. Leonor , wife of King João II of Portugal , and her court passed by a place where five young people were bathing in waters with an intense odor. , known today as the “ Fountain of the Five Spouts ”.

The Queen questioned the young people why they were taking a bath, since, at that time, bathing was not common, much less in waters with such a strong odor, being answered that they were sick, and that those waters had powers dressings. The Queen wanted to verify the veracity of the information and also bathed in those waters as she suffered from skin problems.

According to legend, the sovereign was cured and in the following year, determined to build a thermal hospital in that place to serve all those who wanted to be treated there. To support him, the Queen founded a small village with 30 residents, giving him benefits such as not having to pay taxes, jugada and toll, privileges that also extended to merchants who came from outside to buy or sell.

Thus was born Caldas d'Óbidos ! Which, with its development, received an autonomous municipal jurisdiction in 1511 and changed its name to Caldas da Rainha , in honor of Queen D. Leonor .

  • Liquor Dona Ginja - Caldas D'Óbidos

  • Red Velvet Liqueur - Caldas D'Óbidos

  • Pastel de Nada liqueur - Caldas D'Óbidos

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