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Premium Chocolate with Piripiri Liqueur

Premium Chocolate with Piripiri Liqueur

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Inspired by the world of chocolate, we wanted to create a different and unique liqueur, with a spicy and aphrodisiac touch, perfectly harmonized with an intense chocolate flavor.
Launched in 2008 to celebrate Valentine's Day, the Pimentinha liqueur proved to be a real success, and is today one of the most sought after liqueurs in our range.
Produced in an artisanal way, through an infusion of dehydrated chilli, this wonderful liqueur adapts to any commemorative moment.

Tasting Notes: Clear, deep brown colour, pronounced chocolate aroma, pronounced chocolate flavour and slightly spicy aftertaste.
Ingredients: Water, sugar, alcohol, cinnamon, natural cocoa flavouring and colouring (E-150C).
Capacity: 200ml and 500ml
Alcohol level: 19% Vol.
Expiry date: Consume within 6 months of opening.
Conservation: Store away from heat in a cool, dry place. Store in the fridge once opened.


Atention: Warning: Image of the product is purely figurative. The bottles do not come with the box present in the image.

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