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Mystiko Liqueur

Mystiko Liqueur

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Mystiko Liqueur is a tribute to the history of liqueurs and their mysterious alchemy. Legend has it that a young woman despised by her great love tried to win him back in every way, but realizing that all her efforts were useless, she decided to prepare a mixture of fruits and fine herbs, extracting a sweet, tasty and aphrodisiac drink. Whether he managed to win over the young man, no one knows to this day. But one thing is for sure, she left behind a delicious drink. Another version is attributed to witches, who, under the guise of beautiful young women, prepared a potion with fruits and herbs that had the mysterious power to unite couples of lovers forever. but, based on these stories, it is possible to understand that the most likely is that liqueurs appeared in homemade stews, with medicinal purposes, that ancient people used to cure themselves of the most diverse ailments. But the great increase in the manufacture of liqueurs took place with the process of obtaining alcohol through distillation and fermentation, developed by the Arabs in the tenth century. From that date, the Arab alchemists decided to use alcohol in their medicines prepared with medicinal herbs. , paving the way for the manufacture of famous drinks. Later, the Catalan alchemist Arnould Villeneuve, in the year 1250, managed for the first time to extract the aromatic principles of herbs, leaving them in alcohol maceration, preserving their essence and all their properties. This procedure allowed us to know the liqueur as we know it today. Arnould even helped to spread the liqueur culture by adding gold to a recipe, and according to reports this recipe would have cured the Pope of the time of a deadly disease. After Arnould Villeneuve, the evolution of liqueurs took place naturally, with secret recipes prepared by the monks, with some liqueurs made up of 130 different herbs. Today, there are countless recipes for liqueurs all over the world.
The Místiko liqueur is very special, it is the perfect combination of several ingredients, an aphrodisiac and relaxing liqueur, to taste with your other half.

To consume as a digestive, simple, fresh, or with an ice cube.

Tasting notes

Clear, brown color, intense coffee aroma, flavor of coffee, chocolate and a small aftertaste of cinnamon.


Ingredients: Water, sugar, alcohol and natural flavors and coloring (E 150-C).
Capacity: 200ml and 500ml.
Alcohol content: 19% Vol.

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