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Pennyroyal Liqueur with Mint

Pennyroyal Liqueur with Mint

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This exclusive production liqueur was made by combining the original recipe for Poejo liqueur, which is a traditional Alentejo liqueur, and Mint liqueur, in order to obtain an herbal liqueur that would be an excellent digestive, thanks to presence of Pennyroyal, and extremely refreshing with the addition of Mint. Pennyroyal liqueur with Mint is the ideal liqueur to cool off on hot summer nights, and to enjoy with friends.
To consume very chilled, plain, or with an ice cube, or in a cocktail, with Tequila, lemon juice, mint leaves, and ice cubes, or with Gin, Schweppes, lime slices, and ice cubes.

Green color
Note: The color loses intensity when the liqueur ages, being a natural reaction of chlorophyll
Aroma: Fresh menthol notes
Taste: Mint, balanced and refreshing
%vol. alcohol: 20%
Capacities: 200ml and 500ml

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