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Premium Panettone Liqueur - Caldas D'Óbidos

Premium Panettone Liqueur - Caldas D'Óbidos


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Traditional Christmastime cake that originated in Milan, Italy, during the Middle Ages.
There are several legends about the origin of the creation of this cake. One concerns a baker named Toni, who worked in a bakery in Milan, and who was in love with the boss's daughter, because of that he invented a sweet bread to impress his beloved's father. The population liked this cake so much that they started asking for "Pani de Toni" , which evolved into "panattón". (Milanese word), and then to “panettone” (Italian).

Another legend says that panettone was invented in Ludovico's court, on Christmas Eve. Legend has it that Christmas was a great feast celebrated with large banquets, however, there was a time when the dessert burned when being baked. One of the kitchen workers had made a dough out of leftover ingredients and offered to serve the dough for dessert. The dessert was so appreciated that they asked what the name of the delicacy was and the employee said it was "Pani de Toni".

Serving suggestion: In a glass put the liqueur and then put whipped cream and shave chocolate over it and add raisins (or other dried fruit).



Tasting notes

Opaque, light brown color, intense panettone aroma, pronounced panettone flavor.


Ingredients: Water, sugar, alcohol, dairy base, natural panettone flavor.
Allergens: Milk.
Capacity: 500ml
Alcohol content: 16% Vol.

Shelf life : Consume within 6 months after opening.

Conservation : Store away from heat, in a dry and cool place. Store in the refrigerator once opened.

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