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Caldas d'Obidos Sour Cherry Liqueur

Caldas d'Obidos Sour Cherry Liqueur

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Our Ginja is a 100% natural liqueur, produced from previously selected cherries, following a demanding production process, in order to extract a liqueur with a strong flavor and intensely perfumed with an unmistakable aftertaste that characterizes the bittersweet of the Our fruit.

Colour: Ruby
Scent: Intense fruity scent
Taste: Intense bittersweet fruit flavor, and a slight touch of cinnamon, which is characteristic of our region's cherries.
%vol Alcohol: 19%vol.
Capacities: 50ml, 200ml and 500ml
Bottle with cherries : 250gr of cherries soaked in 100ml of cherries
Due to its alcohol content, it has no expiration date.

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