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Chestnut Liqueur

Chestnut Liqueur

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Roasted chestnuts, hot and good, are the protagonists of Magusto, a popular festival celebrated on November 11, where, according to tradition, friends and family gather around the bonfire to socialize with joy.
This celebration is associated with the Legend of Saint Martin, a meritorious knight who cut his cloak in two to offer it to a beggar. At that moment, the black clouds disappeared and the sun came up, with good weather lasting three days.
Enjoy the Chestnut liqueur plain, fresh, or with an ice cube.

Colour: Translucent light brown
Scent: Chestnut with a slight toasted touch reminiscent of roasted chestnuts.
Taste: Full-bodied and smooth. Very nice.
%vol. alcohol: 19% vol.
Capacity: 200ml

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