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Premium Caramel with Flower of Salt Liqueur - Caldas D'Óbidos

Premium Caramel with Flower of Salt Liqueur - Caldas D'Óbidos

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Portugal has a vast stretch of coastline, where the extraction of salt and fleur de sel is predominant.
Our Caramel liqueur was inspired by the Castro Marim salt pans, and is produced with the salt flower that is extracted from there. This delicious, sweet-tooth liqueur has a mild caramel flavor and is slightly salty at the end. It can be served as an aperitif or digestive, chilled and without ice, or with an ice cube. It goes very well with desserts, especially a crepe with a scoop of ice cream.
In cocktails, with crushed ice and vodka, it will be much appreciated on hot summer nights.

Colour: golden brown
Scent: Caramel
Taste: Intense caramel with a slight salty touch
%vol. Alcohol: 16% vol.
Capacity: 200ml and 500ml
Due to its alcohol content, it has no expiration date.

Atention: Warning: Image of the product is purely figurative. The bottles do not come with the box present in the image.

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