Trifle Black Forest c/ Dona Ginja

Trifle Black Forest w/ Dona Ginja

- Chocolate cake (about 600g);
- 30ml of Dona Ginja Liqueur ;
- 200gr to 250gr Sour Cherry (or Cherry) Compote ;
- 200g cherries or sour cherries in syrup;
- 200g of Chocolate 48% Cocoa;
- 100g of cream;
- Whipped cream qb

- Chocolate shavings qb


- Crumble the chocolate cake.
- Bake at 120ºC for 20 minutes.
- Drizzle the cake with Dona Ginja Liqueur and mix.
- In a glass, combine the ingredients in this order: cake with sour cherry, sour cherry or cherry jam, cherries or sour cherries, cake and ganache (melted chocolate and cream).
- Finally, add the whipped cream and decorate with cherries and chocolate shavings.
Created by: Nessinha Coutinho
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