Tofu Caramelizado, amendoim e gengibre

Caramelized Tofu, Peanuts and Ginger

- 400g de tofu;
- 20g of corn starch;

- 1 red pepper;
- 50g soy sauce;
- 50g of rice vinegar;
- 45g of sesame oil;
- 20g of peanut or almond butter;
- 25g Caramel Liqueur with Premium Salt Flower;
- 1 head of ginger.

- Open the tofu and remove the excess water with kitchen paper (or with tofu press);
- Cut the tofu into small cubes and place them in a bowl;
In the same bowl, add the cornstarch and stir. (Tip: do not stir with your hands or a spoon, but shake the bowl so as not to break the tofu cubes);
- Remove the head and the white parts of the pepper and cut it into small strips;
- Put a frying pan on the heat with 2/3 strands of oil and let it heat up;
- While the tofu and peppers are cooking, start the sauce;

- Peel a head of ginger (Tip: the ginger would be better peeled with a spoon) and grate the ginger;
- Then mix all the remaining ingredients together with the ginger and pass the whole sauce with the magic wand for 20/30 seconds;
- When the tofu and peppers are golden brown, add the sauce and let it reduce.

Tip: C
With this tofu we managed to make an extraordinary type of Pad Thai. Just add soy sprouts and a few more vegetables of your choice to the already prepared tofu. Cook a packet of rice pasta, incorporate everything together with a little of the pasta cooking water and cook on low heat for just 1/2 minute.


Created by: Inês Jones


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Inês Jones

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