Tiramisu com Licor de Panettone

Tiramisu with Panettone Liqueur


- 1 Egg;
- 50g of demerara sugar;
- 200g of very cold strong coffee;
- 200g of sticks de la Reine;
- 100ml of Panettone Liqueur ;
- 10g of cocoa powder.

Preparation :

- Beat the sugar with the egg until you get a thick eggnog.
- Add the cheese and beat again until it is well incorporated and creamy.
- Add, little by little and always beating, 50 ml of Premium Panettone Liqueur.
- Prepare a very strong coffee, preferably using cold water.

- Dip the Palitos de la Reine into the coffee, one by one, leaving the top part unwetted.
- Arrange a layer of toothpicks on a serving plate, drizzle with liqueur and cover with cream.
- Layer a new layer of toothpicks partially soaked in coffee and drizzle with liquor again.
- Cover with the remaining cream and finish by sprinkling with cocoa powder.

It can be served immediately, or stored in the refrigerator until ready to consume.

Created by: Temptations on the Table

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