Semi-Frio de Red Velvet

Red Velvet Semi-Cold

- 3 wafers Red Velvet & Cheesecake;
- 150 ml of cold cream for whipping;
- 4 cl de Redvelvet Chocolicor liqueur;
- 300 g of strawberries.

- Lightly crush the cookies and place the bottom of the bowls, about 1 cm thick. (Reserve some amount to decorate at the end);
- Beat the cream with the liqueur;
- Cut the strawberries into pieces to taste;
- Wrap the strawberries in the whipped cream with the liqueur, leaving some strawberries for the final decoration;
- Place in the bowls and decorate with strawberries and the rest of the crushed cookies;
- Leave to rest in the fridge until you get the desired consistency.

Tip: For ice cream lovers, you can put it in the freezer until it takes on the consistency of an ice cream.


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