Muffins com Licor de Chocolate com Coco

Muffins with Coconut Chocolate Liqueur

Ingredients (for the muffins):

- 150g of sugar;
- 1 M egg ;
- 240g of normal coconut yogurt* ;
- 100ml coconut oil*
- 80ml of coffee;
– 1/2 teaspoon of salt ;
– 180g unleavened wheat flour ;
- 60g of cocoa;
- 15g of yeast;
- 100g of chocolate chips.

Ingredients (for the syrup)

- 150g chocolate chips;
- 25ml of cream for whipping;
- 25ml of Chocolate Coconut Liqueur .

* Substitutions:
- If you don't like coconut, you can use regular yogurt.
- You can use normal oil instead of coconut.
- If you don't consume coffee, you can replace it with hot water.
- It doesn't have to be Pepitas, you can use chocolate pieces. (preferably with 48% Cocoa, i.e. semi-bitter or Culinary).


- In a container, combine the sugar, egg, yogurt, oil, coffee and salt. Stir everything until you obtain a homogeneous composition.
- Add the flour, cocoa, baking powder and pepitas. Stir everything.
- In a mold for 12 muffins, pour the dough obtained (about 2 spoons of ice cream in each mold).

- In a bowl over a bain-marie, add 150g of chocolate chips, cream and liqueur and stir everything
- Place the syrup obtained on top of the muffins.
Created by: Nessinha Coutinho
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