Emulsão de Frutos Vermelhos com Red Velvet

Red Fruit Emulsion with Red Velvet


- 2 cups of white sugar;
- 1/2 cup of hot water;
- 1 cup of red fruits;
- 1 tablespoon of oil;
- 1 medium pot;
- Stove;
- Licor de Red Velvet Premium Chocolicor, q.b.  


- Add all the ingredients, in a pan, with the exception of the liqueur.
- Mix the ingredients well and take them to low heat until the sugar starts to melt;
- Slowly stir all the ingredients as the sugar starts to thicken and the fruits break down.
On average the process takes about 25 minutes but it always depends on whether you want to have a more liquid emulsion or not. If you want more liquid just have less time on the fire, if you like it thicker just put more time on the fire.
- When you think it's the consistency you like the most, just add the liqueur (advice: a shot glass;

- Finally, stir the preparation until it returns to the desired shape.

You can use this emulsion where you like it, in a cake, bar in a bread/toast, put it in yogurts or even in a fruit salad!

Creation of: Headache Sweets


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"A Headache Sweets surgiu com a intenção de abrandar as minhas dores de cabeça. Como pessoa ansiosa, cozinhar doces mostrou-se um verdadeiro escape para a minha saúde mental. A felicidade que sinto nesses momentos é fenomenal e ver as pessoas a deliciarem-se com algo que preparei com tanto carinho é das melhores sensações que já experienciei."

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