Cocktail Choco Eight

Cocktail Choco Eight


- 1 tall shot glass (preference) with a capacity of 50ml ;
- 1 dispenser;
- 1 small spoon (coffee spoon type);
- 25 ml of Chocolicor Premium Chocolate Liqueur , fresh;
- 25 ml Chocoliquer Pennyroyal and Mint Liqueur , fresh.


- Place the glasses you intend to use in the fridge 30 minutes before starting to prepare your summer shots.
- Pour the 25 ml of fresh Chocolate Liqueur into the dispenser and then place it in the glass;
- Measure 25 ml of pennyroyal and mint liqueur, using the dispenser. We recommend that the liqueur be well chilled.
- Very delicately place the pennyroyal and mint liqueur over the chocolate liqueur. You will have to carry out this operation with the help of the spoon on which it will have to be placed with the back up where you will pour the Pennyroyal and Mint Liqueur over the Chocolate Liqueur.
The objective is to see the layers of Pennyroyal and Mint Liqueur and Chocolate Liqueur superimposed.

Suggestion : If you wish, you can decorate your Primavera shots with a mint leaf when serving.

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