Se não resiste a comer um brownie, imagine bebê-lo. Este novo licor é para os amantes de chocolate.

If you can't resist eating a brownie, imagine drinking one. This new liqueur is for chocolate lovers.

There is already, in national territory, a brownie liqueur. The famous North American cake is the protagonist of the new creation by Chocolicor, a family business located in Caldas da Rainha. The liquid, as you'd expect, is all brown (and will drive chocolate lovers crazy).

This new liqueur, which comes in a 500 milliliter bottle, costs €19. If you purchase it by April 16th, you will receive, as a gift, the Dona Ginja liqueur , which, as the name implies, is full of sour cherries. The brownie liqueur has 16% alcohol by volume.

Creamy, takes milk and cocoa. It should be consumed within six months after opening and kept in the fridge, in order to preserve its best shape. It is the novelty of Chocolicor, which has been perfecting recipes for typical Portuguese liqueurs for 30 years, produced in a sustainable way and using artisanal methods.

Premium brownie liqueur can be purchased online , on the company's website (just like everyone else). You can serve it at the end of a meal, as if it were a dessert, since it's sweet enough to deserve that title — and it's even better with whipped cream.

By Mariana Coelho

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