NiT sobre o Licor de Brownie

NiT on the Brownie Liqueur

The history of the creation of the brownie is not certain, but it is known that it was created in the United States in the early 20th century. Legend has it that a housewife was baking a cake and forgot the yeast, which originated the “Brownie”.

The famous book “Larousse Gastronomique” states that the first record of the recipe took place in 1896. Despite this, some culinary historians claim that there are references to the first brownie recipes that date back to 1909.

Cake, ice cream, semifrios and paves. Time passed and the number of suggestions with this product increased. As if the existing temptations weren't enough, Chocolicor — a company in Caldas da Rainha with vast experience in the production of typically Portuguese liqueurs — has created a liqueur, with a creamy texture, that smells and tastes like brownie.

Premium Brownie Liquor is the first version with this flavor in Portugal. The liqueur was launched this Monday, April 3rd. Cocoa is added to the aroma of the candy that gives it its name. “Inspired by the famous North American cake, we created this wonderful liqueur for all those who love brownies and those who cannot resist a good chocolate”, guarantees the brand.

The drink, with an alcohol content of 15 percent, is sale in 500 ml bottles (€19) on the company's official website, which in October launched a panettone-flavoured liqueur and in summer one with a taste of Berlin.

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By Rita Caeiro
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