NiT sobre o Licor de Bola de Berlim

NiT on the Berlin Ball Liqueur

The most famous cake on Portuguese beaches was brought to Portugal in 1935 during World War II by Ruth Davindson, a Jewish refugee, and it was around that time that the dessert became popular in our country. The only difference is that the Berlin ball brought by Ruth had berry, strawberry or raspberry jam and not the custard cream we are used to.

In any case, it is a delicacy loved by the Portuguese. Inspired by this preference, Chocolicor — a company in Caldas da Rainha with vast experience in the production of typically Portuguese liqueurs — created the “Bola de Berlin Premium”. The suggestion, which has a dairy base, includes sugar, alcohol, coloring and, of course, the flavor of the famous delicacy.

The instructions for preparing the drink, which should be consumed very cold, are simple: with an empty glass, wet the rim and roll it over the sugar so that it sticks around the glass. You can add an ice cube (or more) and add the delicious yellow liquid.

It has an alcohol content of 16 percent and is available in bottles of 200 ml (€14) and 500 ml (€20) at page official brand, which ships throughout the country. If you're a fan of Berlin balls, you'd better be quick — they're limited edition.
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