New Men - Seleção de vinhos e licores para receber o verão

New Men - Selection of wines and liquors to welcome the summer

(...) With regard to the suggestions of liqueurs to drink this summer, our choice fell on Premium Berlin Ball Liqueur and Premium Red Velvet Liqueur , which are limited editions by Chocolicor . If you are a fan of the classic Berlin balls that are found annually on the beaches, then the first liqueur – creamy texture, aroma of sweet eggs and flavor of sweet eggs and cake – is the ideal option to enjoy during this hot season. If you already like the well-known Red Velvet Cheesecake, then the second liqueur – creamy texture, aroma of cake and red fruits and flavor of red fruits, cheesecake and a slight touch of cocoa – is the choice to make this summer. These two liqueurs by Chocolicor are ideal to drink after a day at the beach and this is because they are tasty and very fresh.

By Jorge Sá

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