Chocolicor: 30 anos de Tradição Licoreira

Chocolicor: 30 years of liquor tradition

In Caldas da Rainha there is a place that hides the most delicious recipes. The specialty of this family business is sour cherries and liqueurs.

The history of this city is closely linked with the medieval tradition of Óbidos. The microclimate of the western zone favors the production of sour cherries and other fruits. In 2005, the family responsible for the factory added a different touch to the tradition: the salted caramel . The brand's objective was to innovate, without ever forgetting the original recipes.

Thus was born the liqueur that combines the sweetness of caramel with fleur de sel from Castro Marim. To these ingredients, only water, sugar and 16% alcohol are added. This recipe is original, as a salted caramel flavored liqueur has never been created before.

New Men has already tried it and assures you that it's worth it. This is the type of drink that goes well with any occasion, whether after breakfast or after dinner. Especially if you want to create a sweet moment. Compliments range from the shape of the bottle to the taste that unsettles and satisfies the palate.

The relationship between liqueur and the existence of good times is one of the priorities of this company. So, during festive seasons, when you get the whole family together, don't forget to visit one of the points of sale. Recently, it opened a kiosk at Spacio Shopping, in Olivais. In December, you can also count on a space dedicated to Chocolicor at Strada Outlet, Alegro Montijo, and at Arena Shopping, in Torres Vedras.

If you decide to buy online, keep in mind that only purchases over 25 euros are free of delivery fees. What we advise is: when you want to order, in addition to this liqueur, also order a traditional sour cherry. try the “Caldas d'Óbidos” . The ingredients are the same, but all sour cherries have something that sets them apart, in this case it is a recipe that has been improved and well preserved for 30 years.

When major events and craft fairs are allowed again, you will certainly find one of these liqueur stalls there. From North to South of the country, you already know that there is always a  liquor waiting for you.

This article was written by Marta Pereira Laranjeira

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