Red Fruit Emulsion with Red Velvet

- 2 cups white sugar;
- 1/2 cup tepid water;
- 1 cup red berries;
- 1 tablespoon oil;
- 1 medium saucepan;
- Cooker;
- Red Velvet Premium Liqueur by Chocolicor, q.b.  

- Add all the ingredients, in a saucepan, except the liqueur.
- Mix the ingredients well and bring to a low heat until the sugar begins to melt;
- Slowly stir all the ingredients as the sugar starts to thicken and the fruits fall apart.
On average the process takes about 25 minutes but it always depends if you want to have a more liquid emulsion or not. If you want it more liquid just leave it on the heat for a shorter time, if you like it thicker just leave it on the heat for longer.
- When you think you have the consistency you like, just add the liqueur (tip: a shot glass);
- Finally, stir the mixture until it returns to the desired consistency.
You can use this emulsion where you like it most, in a cake, on bread or toast, in yoghurts or even in a fruit salad!
Created by: Headache Sweets