Recipes & Cocktails

  • Improved Twix Cake

    The cake for your Party!
  • Chocolate Liqueur Pudding

    Smelly pudding, huh?
  • Hot Chocolate Fudge

    A mystery dessert!
  • "Dirty" Shirley Temple by Nessinha

    A very simple cocktail!
  • Caramelised Tofu, peanut and ginger

    And a different recipe for your lunch or dinner?
  • Red Velvet Semi-Cold

    That dessert you've been missing!
  • Spicy Sunset

    O cocktail mais romântico do Verão!
  • Sangria de Ginja

    Your sangria and your favourite ginja, in one place!
  • Caramel Sunday

    The Ice Cream of the moment!
  • Pecan Cake with Salted Caramel

    That perfect Cake for lazy people!
  • Sweet Rice Cakes

    A Sweet Rice Cake with our Arroz Doce Liqueur, have you seen it?!
  • Tiramisu

    The Tiramisu of your dreams!